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Fujian Shined Textile Technology Co., Ltd. shines in the SOURCING AT MAGIC exhibition in Las Vegas from AUGUST 19-21, 2024,looking forward to the bright chapter in the future

Exhibition Introduction :
SOURCING AT MAGIC Show in Las Vegas, a splendid event in the global shoe and clothing industry, brings together countless industry elites every year to discuss fashion trends, innovative technology and market opportunities. As a bellwether of the industry, MAGIC Shoes and clothing exhibition is not only a platform to show the latest products, but also a bridge for industry exchanges and cooperation.
Company Exhibition information :
On this dazzling stage, Fujian Shined textile Technology Co., Ltd. has the technology of making excellent textile technology and high-quality cloth products. The fabrics of swimwear, yoga clothes and children's clothes are better at it. The fabrics displayed are not only of high quality, but also integrate fashion elements and humanized design, which meets the needs of modern consumers.
At the exhibition site, the booth will be the focus of the audience to visit. The company's professional consulting team will provide customers with detailed product introduction and intimate service, so that every visitor can have a deep understanding of the unique charm of the product.


Swimwear Product Introduction : Swimwear products are special clothes designed for swimming enthusiasts. They are not only fashionable and comfortable, but also have specific functionality to meet the needs of different swimming scenes. Here is a partial presentation of the company's swimsuit products


With a wide variety of swimsuit products, both professional swimmers and amateurs can find suitable bathing suits. When choosing, please consider the style, material, brand and price factors to ensure the best swimming experience.

Yoga clothing product introduction product introduction Yoga clothing, designed for yoga practice, are designed to provide optimal comfort and freedom. Whether for beginners or veteran yoga lovers, a suitable yoga suit is an essential equipment. Yoga clothing is usually divided into two parts: top and pants, the design focuses on breathable, soft, light, and good stretching, to meet the needs of various positions in yoga practice.


Design aims to meet the needs of different yoga practitioners our company yoga clothes using good air permeability, strong sweat absorption, soft and comfortable material, high quality cotton, linen, polyester, etc. These colors can not only help the body to better dissipate heat and sweat, but also provide enough support and comfort during exercise. There are a variety of styles of yoga clothes such as long sleeves, medium long sleeves, short sleeves, vest, suspenders and other jacket styles, as well as tight tights, loose pants, straight pants, bell bottoms and other trousers styles. These styles and preferences.

Cloth product introduction Product introduction Cloth, as the main material for making clothing, not only determines the appearance and style of clothing, but also directly affects the comfort and practicality of wearing


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